Stay Away From Jesus

I’ve really come to appreciate a particular new-ish artist… one who, in my opinion, is along the same lines as the singer from the 70s, Keith Green.

His name is Matt Papa.

Matt is bold.  Like a prophet.  Like a preacher.  Like a person who has been set on fire by the vision of a God more glorious than we typically dare to imagine.

The first line of the song below, “Stay Away From Jesus,” is typical of the kind of thing Matt writes,

You won’t ever hear this song on Christian radio, cause the Jesus that I serve is not safe.

He’ll say, “Take your cross and die,” so if you want a comfy life, stay away from Jesus.

Pray for this young man… for the LORD’s hand on his life… and for continued boldness & compassion to characterize his life and work for the LORD’s sake.  I’d like to introduce you to someone I’ve never met (though I’d love to)… Matt Papa.


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