Christian music has come a long way…

I’m a musician… ( I sing, drum, play bass, and the ipod).  It kind of runs in the family, in a way.  My older brother has his doctorate in music, and has created a musically-oriented product that serves both music educators. and parents who need help with developing their children’s thinking skills (brain training). He can play almost anything brass, some of the woodwind instruments, and a few stringed things… and sings a mean baritone too.  Another brother plays trombone (or used to at least), sisters who sing, etc.  But I digress…

Being a musician, Christian music has had a HUGE impact on my life.  Once I got serious about my faith (later years of High School) Amy Grant*, Michael W. Smith*, Petra*, Leon Patillo*, and others were spiritual food for me.  No joke… I still remember many of the lyrics and the feelings they evoke in me to this day.  And I remember the way they built my faith, brick upon brick toward what it is today. I’m not a nostalgic person overall, but right now I feel all warm and fuzzy.

Anyway, Christian music has come a very, VERY, VERY long way since then… mainly for the better.

Christian music has come a long way

Once again, my daughters introduced me to this group… and I’m really enjoying them.  Needtobreathe has some cool stuff.  You should check them out.  Below is one of their funnest and best videos “The Signature of the Divine“.  I think we’re gonna’ have to learn to do this song for our corporate worship!  Enjoy.

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2 thoughts on “Christian music has come a long way…

  1. I dig a lot of their stuff. I want to start having family worship with my kids, so I’m starting to check out some songs we could play. They’re only four and two, so I don’t expect them to do much but sing a little and dance, but I look forward to the day when maybe we can be a musical family. That would be awesome!

    • Great ideas Loren! Loving the ideas for more “modern” songs in family devotions. We’ve been using old hymnals that were laying around our church, which I’ve loved in the respect that my kids are learning some of the old faithful songs of yesteryear. But, we are discussing how to move toward more modern songs in our next “go round” of family time (once we finish our journey though the hymn book)!

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