Christian Home And Family – GOING LIVE!

Introducing Christian Home and Family

I’ve been working on a new web-venture… and TODAY IS THE OFFICIAL LAUNCH!  It’s a ministry endeavor aimed at using the great blessing the LORD has poured out on my family to bring an even broader blessing to others!  It’s Christian Home and Family with Carey Green!

Christian Home and Family

It’s designed to help followers of Christ make Christ the center of their home. Drawing on my experience of God’s grace in my own home and family, and my knowledge of the scriptures, I’m providing teaching, coaching, and resources that are truly helpful in making godly sense of the mess that family life can be.

My approach is very simple: All of life is an act of stewardship. Every believer in Christ is responsible before God to make the most of the life and resources God has entrusted them with, for His glory. Our stewardship before God over arches every aspect of who we are – spirit, soul, and body – and I’m working to help believers in Christ faithfully carry out that stewardship individually, and in respect to those under their care.

My instruction focuses on those three areas – spirit, soul, and body – and their relationship to the everyday issues of home and family life… marriage, parenting, communication, household organization, life management, education, and many others.

I truly feel this is a “calling” for me… on the same level as my calling to the Pastorate.  God has placed this on my heart so strong, so heavy, and so passionately… I LOVE IT!

Christian Home and Family already includes:

  • Regular blog posts (3 to 5 times a week) – subscribe!
  • Topical indexes (Family Foundations, Spirit Health, Soul Health, Body Health, Marriage, Parenting, Education, Reviews)
  • Resources & other services
  • Parenting, marriage, or family coaching
  • Prayer Wall (leave your request any time)
  • On-site voice mail to leave me your question or suggestion!

Coming in the near future:

  • The Christian Home and Family Podcast (debuts within the next two weeks)The Christian Home and Family Podcast
  • A possible “User Forum” to discuss home and family issues from a Christian perspective (what do you think… would that be helpful?)

I’m excited… but open to any and all ideas you have to shoot my way!

Your help is needed!

You can help me in the following ways…

  • Use the various contact forms to shoot me suggestions or comments aimed toward helping me improve the site.
  • Help me spread the word! You know and rub shoulders with many who I may never have the chance to meet. Please consider recommending the website through your social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, etc.) as well as your personal relationships.
  • Help me contact guests for the podcast! I’d love to interview people like Dennis Rainey and James Dobson (if you know them, could you make the introduction?). But I’m also interested in interviewing anyone you know who has significant, Christ-honoring things to share about Christian home and family life. Could you introduce me and suggest the interview?
  • Subscribe to the blog, either via email or in your favorite reader. It makes a difference to new visitors if I have 4 subscribers or 40 or 400. They will be influenced to join by your presence.
  • Join in the conversation by commenting at the end of the posts. The more commenters I have, the more others are encouraged to join in.
  • Share the posts you like with others, via the sharing buttons at the bottom of each one. This is another “social proof” issue, where others are more likely to share posts they see have already been shared.
  • Like” and pass along my Facebook page! – – Many people are influenced by the number of “likes” a Facebook page has. They will be more likely to check out what I’m doing if I have more “likes”…so “like” me!
  • Pass along resources on the site to others! – If you find something on the Christian Home and Family website that you find helpful, pass it along!
  • Add this ministry project to your prayer list! – I truly want to see the LORD do His work through these efforts… your prayers will help!

    Any additional suggestions or comments?


3 thoughts on “Christian Home And Family – GOING LIVE!

    • Thanks Loren! It is exciting to say the least. The LORD is already giving be great encouragement with it through many avenues. I appreciate your prayers!

    • BTW… I’m thinking through people to interview for the podcast… you got any thoughts about stewardship of/through/in the Christian home?

What do you think? Share your thoughts & start the discussion!

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