Heading to Heaven (fest)

heavenfestMy family and I are taking a break this coming weekend/beginning (Sunday IS the first day of the week, you know.) – and heading down the mountain to Loveland, CO to attend Heavenfest (our first time…).

The kids are most excited, and I can’t blame them.  There are some great bands/musicians there this year.  I’m actually a Switchfoot junkie myself (not a secret to those who know me), so I’m happy to be going cause they are going to be playing.  It should be fun!

Something I like about this particular event is this: Heavenfest intentionally goes AGAINST the “Christian-music-as-a-business” mindset in these ways:

  • The event expenses are completely sponsored (by companies or donations) so that tickets can be “purchased” as “donations.” For example, we couldn’t afford to pay the full suggested amount (not with 8 of us going), so we got to pick what we could pay – and that was fine with Heavenfest.
  • What money does come in from the ticket “donations” is 100% given to organizations that serve the poor, the exploited, the hungry, the thirsty, and the fatherless! GREAT idea.

So maybe I’ll have some good experience or insights to share with you when we return! I know this for sure… my ears will still be ringing days later (man, I’m sounding old!).



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