Heavenfest, misery, and God’s faithfulness

heavenfest tent city

the “tent city” – click for a larger view

As I posted last week… the family and I made the 3 hour trek to Heavenfest this last weekend.  We camped on site thanks to my friend Mark loaning me his pop-up camper (mine is still in the “restoration” phase due to lack of funds).  We were in a virtual “tent city.”  There were a lot of bands there that I knew, and many that I didn’t.  I was especially thankful for the heart of the guys in “The Afters.”  Their show was good and what they shared was even better… a clear message of God’s faithfulness through trial.

the afters

The Afters – click for a larger view

I was really looking forward to the evening… when Switchfoot was scheduled to play.  They are one of my current and all-time favorite Christian bands.  The kids said the show was great, but the LORD had other plans for me…

Something I ate Saturday morning didn’t set well with my stomach – and by mid-afternoon I was getting up close and personal with the numerous rows of porta-potties around the grounds at Heavenfest.  I basically puked and…. uhh… sat – all day long on Saturday.

As of today I can say… I HATE porta-potties.

What’s the lesson?  I don’t fully know.  But I do know that some of the words spoken by Josh Havens (lead singer of the Afters) were fleshed out in my life that afternoon.  Right in the midst of one of my worst “episodes,” looking at something I never want to see again, this thought came to my mind…

Blessed be the name of the LORD.

I didn’t generate that thought… the Spirit in me did.  And I was super glad for it (and still am).  It was a wonderful wake-up-call regarding the LORD’s faithfulness.  Right there in the midst of my pain, misery and the worst possible conditions the LORD was FAITHFUL to me… His adopted son.

What is your misery?  What is your pain?  What is your current struggle in which you find it hard to be thankful?

The LORD is there… faithfully in you, ready to work through you.

What examples from your life can you share that demonstrate God’s faithfulness in trial?


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