Hope for those resistant to the gospel

This is a topic very close to my heart… and one that I pray about often.

Randy Alcorn shares about his own experience in seeing his own 84 year old Dad come to Christ in the midst of a painful battle against cancer.  He says his Dad was one of the most resistant people to the gospel he had ever met.

I’m encouraged by his testimony… and by his commitment to stick to the truth of scripture, instead of giving in to his temptation to water down the truth for the sake of his own feelings and comfort.

Randy Alcorn – Truth, Grace and My Father’s Conversion at age 84

[audio http://www.epm.org/static/uploads/audio/randy-dad-conversion-story.mp3]

2 thoughts on “Hope for those resistant to the gospel

  1. I doubt whether my parents and siblings are saved. I’m so tempted to just not bring things up, but I’m hoping for the courage to talk to them about these crucial issues. It’s so different when it’s your parents.

    • Yes… this hits very close to home for me – my Dad is 87 this year, and still does not profess faith in Christ. Every time the phone rings at odd hours, I fear the worst. It is difficult when it’s family… but to me that’s Randy’s main point – they matter TOO MUCH not to take the risk (of their anger). My Dad has gotten angry at my brother and I many times, and we are at a point of holding back, simply because he’s heard the message clearly and the Spirit must do His work (John 3). But I still watch for “open” moments in conversation with him… when HE seems open. It does matter too much not to pursue. I’ll pray for you friend.

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