Why you do what you do

This is actually a SCREENCAST from my other blog… but it’s such an important teaching that I wanted to put it out here too.

Watch it.

Watch it again.

Get these truths down deep inside you!


2 thoughts on “Why you do what you do

  1. Wow, ridiculous view off of your front porch. Never been to CO, but it looks beautiful.
    This is certainly one to think about – the concept of flesh patterns and Spirit patterns. I taught on Galatians 5 just a few weeks ago, talking a fair amount about walking by the Spirit. (Too bad I didn’t wait a few weeks, huh?) My way of thinking about it was that walking by the Spirit is, very similar to what you said, walking with dependence. It’s having faith that the Spirit can change me and then, moment by moment, intentionally trusting the Spirit’s guidance.
    Great stuff, Carey!

    • Yes, I’m blessed where I live. Amazing. You should come out to visit some time! We love having guests… and there’s TONS to do!

      I’m working on a follow-up video to this one, going more in depth on how I understand the flesh patterns to work in a typical person, and how our submission to the Spirit is what allows us freedom from the oppression such sinful behavior can be.

      thanks for the encouragement Loren!

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