Developing a mission statement – as a church

mission statementOur church is beginning the process of developing a mission statement… and there’s no shortage of stuff to read on the subject. As I’ve read and considered what is being said, I’ve come to some fairly simple conclusions.

  1. Every believer in Christ is called to be and make disciples. That is a non-negotiable calling for the church of Jesus Christ.
  2. But it’s important to recognize that every group of believers is placed into its own unique time and place by the LORD.
  3. As well, that group is also made up of a unique mix of individuals, each one having particular gifts, experiences, and talents.
  4. Wisdom demands that we recognize and accept these realities as we consider God’s specific calling on a gathered group of believers.

Here’s how I’d say it in a more succinct way:

  • What God intends for us to do as a church family naturally flows out 3 things:
    • the time in history in which our LORD has placed us
    • the location in which He’s placed us, and
    • the gifts with which He’s equipped us.

This has not only been helpful for me as I endeavor to lead the church family, but also as I prayerfully develop the web ministry the LORD has recently called me into (but on more of an individual level, since it’s only me and the family right now).



2 thoughts on “Developing a mission statement – as a church

  1. I think that’s a solid formula for individual mission statements. The church, though, I have to think about. I’m not 100% sure either way. The church and the mission of the church is something I intend to read more about (actually reading a little about what Calvin has to say about the church now as I make my way through the Institutes). I wonder if one could make the argument that the mission of the church is already set by God. Your thoughts?

    • Hey Loren… I trust all is well with you!

      It’s interesting that you think this fits personal better than church. To me it is just the opposite because it’s within the CHURCH that the mix of people’s gifts and backgrounds come together. As I said, yes, the basic mission of the church is already in place (no argument there) but the HOW regarding our implementation to our situation is what is at stake here. In other words, (in my scenario), how are we going to do be and make disciples in Leadville, CO, with the people we have been given by the LORD, and in the culture and context in which we find ourselves? To me, that is the REAL QUESTION that our CHURCH mission statement needs to answer.

      What think you?

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