Dave Ramsey taught me this… and it’s helping

Dave RamseyDave Ramsey‘s name usually makes people think of financial advice. That’s his forte and he’s done very well at it, helping many, many people to get their financial lives in order.

But Dave is also a marketing and leadership guru of sorts. I listen to his Entre Leadership Podcast every time it comes out and am helped by it greatly. It’s a combination of teaching, interviews, and Q&A – hosted by a member of Dave’s team, Chris Locurto.

In one of the recent episodes, Dave taught about what he calls “The Momentum Theorum.” It’s his understanding of how true, unstoppable momentum is achieved, personally and in business. As I listened, what he was saying rang true for me based on the recent experience I’ve been having with my new website ministry venture.

Dave says it this way:


The way I translate it is this:

Here’s why I’ve changed up the terms, and what I mean by them:

  • Dave’s working in a business environment, and with people who may or may not be believers in Christ. He’s has no problem speaking about the need for God, but he often uses terms that don’t unnecessarily alienate those who are listening. I suspect that’s why he uses “The Infinite” in his initial explanation. As I’ve been working on my new website ministry, I’ve come to see that the issue of motivation is the first part of getting things done on it… and for me, that’s been an issue of CALLING. That’s why I’ve changed the word “infinite” in Dave’s statement to God/Calling – because if I’m not working toward a Godly calling, not only will it not be worth it, but I won’t follow-through on it either.
  • I think Dave’s phrase, “Focused Intensity” is a very good one, in that it describes what is needed both in attitude and in action when it comes to carrying out goals and vision. But for me, because I see and sense that my work is a true calling from God, the words “faithful obedience” fit better. I want to be both faithful (consistent/focused) and obedient (intentional) to the calling God has placed on me.
  • The phrase “over time” didn’t need any tweaking… because very few things that we accomplish in life are instantaneous successes. The clock has to tick, the minutes, hours, days, and months have to pass, WHILE we are being faithfully obedient to our calling. Faith in God is necessarily connected to time in many ways, because we receive the calling – then we act – and then we wait. As we DO those actions, we are WAITING on God. So it makes perfect sense to me that our focused intensity/faithful obedience has to be done “OVER” time.
  • Unstoppable momentum didn’t need any tweaking from me either, because it is perfectly understandable given the rest of the sentence/formula. If I am truly called, and am being faithfully obedient to that calling, and continuing in that over time, then the result will be unstoppable momentum because God Himself is the one empowering my obedience and the results of it.

I’m curious what you think of my take on Dave’s theorum?  Any modifications or suggestions?




2 thoughts on “Dave Ramsey taught me this… and it’s helping

  1. I think it’s a good theorem, but my initial thought is – why is momentum the goal? I’m not doubting it, I just think that we need to go that extra step and view our callings because of the pleasure they bring God and not necessarily the earthly results. Maybe that’s splitting hairs.

    • I didn’t take it as “momentum is the goal” but rather as “How do we keep ourselves moving IN the calling God has given us?” The calling of God (and by default God Himself) is still front and center in that. Nevertheless, you allude to a good point, earthly results don’t always indicate God’s desires. Hard for us Americans to accept, isn’t it?

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