Can you help me out… and possibly be helped yourself?

You may not have heard, but I’ve launched an additional web ministry – Christian Home and Family. It’s got the typical blog, resources, a prayer wall, videos, and a podcast… and it’s going pretty well so far.

I am very excited about a two-part interview I did with my 3 older kids regarding the role of parents in helping their children develop the habit of daily Quiet Time… and the goal of that practice, ongoing relationship with the LORD.

I also have another upcoming interview (October) with a very high profile Christian businessman that I can’t disclose fully – yet. But you’ll be among the first to hear about it when I can!

Anyway, could you help me out with a little bit of “social proof?”

  • Go to my podcast page
  • Subscribe to the podcast
  • Listen and then RATE the podcast (at the bottom)
  • Leave a comment (at the bottom)

All of these things will help me rank higher in the I-tunes directory, and therefore come across the radar of many more people that the podcast may help.

And who knows, you may benefit from the podcasts you listen to as well!

Can you help me out? – Thanks!


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