Taking my daughter to college this week… God’s plan moves ahead.

Mel (senior picture)This coming Saturday my wife and I (and my in-laws) are all heading to California to take my oldest daughter, Melinda, to college at Calvary Chapel Bible College in San Diego. It should be a fun road-trip (still trying to get the Suburban in shape to go), and we are all looking forward to it.

Thinking toward this trip reminds me of the unexpected response I had to leaving my oldest son, Aaron (Mel’s older brother) at school a few years back. I was surprised by the amount of emotion that welled up in me when I left him. He was ready. I was glad he was leaving the nest. I was confident in his ability and character – and more so in the LORD’s work in his life. Still, I started crying like a baby when I hugged him goodbye.

Is it going to be the same with Melinda? Probably. I have no reason to think it won’t.

Some things that come to mind as I think about the week ahead…

  • Melinda has been nothing but a joy the past 18 (almost 19) years.
  • The LORD has been so faithful to her, and thus to us (or is it the other way around?).
  • She’s going to LOVE the college atmosphere (she is great with people).
  • The LORD is going to move her ahead in ways she couldn’t at home – and I’m glad for that.
  • I’m going to miss her – a TON.

2 thoughts on “Taking my daughter to college this week… God’s plan moves ahead.

  1. Thanks Dad, I’m going to miss you A TON too! I’m not looking forward to the many, many, many tears coming in a couple days; but what can we do? It’s life. I love you so much!

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