Getting lots of interest in the Elder Training Handbook

Lately my book, The Elder Training Handbook has been evoking a lot of interest…

The Elder Training HandbookI knew that I needed a resource like it… but didn’t realize so many others are feeling the same way.

The Elder Training Handbook is a hands-on, practical guide to identifying and assessing a man’s qualifications for church leadership. It’s designed as a one-on-one type mentoring tool, for an existing church leader (Pastor or Elder) to walk through the handbook WITH the candidate over a 1 year period (approximately).

As I have used it with up and coming leaders, it has proved helpful in processing the curriculum alongside them… so that I can see how the information is hitting their hearts and minds. That allows me to see their motivations, degree of maturity (to a point), and how discerning and wise they are in the scriptures and in life.

Here’s some “stats” on the book:

  • Includes biblical instruction, examples, life application questions and “homework” assignments so that mentors can interact with the candidates about what they are learning, and the impact it is having on their heart.
  • A self-paced study… suggested to be done over at least a 1 year time-frame.
  • Complementarian in nature (see my beliefs page for a definition) – so men are the focus of this book’s training.
  • This is a serious study, designed to challenge men to search their own heart and calling. The church is precious, and deserves the best leaders possible.
  • The book is available in paperback, print edition AND pdf e-book formats.
  • 170 pages (8.5 x 11).

Go see a “preview” copy of the book.


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