“Cool” can be poison

I’ve already written about my experience at Heavenfest (great event, bad circumstances for me). While I was there I had some thoughts about the issue of being “cool.” (My word… maybe I need to get some more current venacular, what is it, “Fly?”)

I saw people everywhere, at this “Christian” event – dressed to be unique, to be cool, to be noticed. And I wondered how that fit in with Christian faith.

  • I saw guys who obviously spent hours spraying their hair to stand straight up just in the right way.
  • Girls who spent equal amounts of time on makeup and picking out their clothes.
  • Low cut t-shirts, metal studs, multiple earrings and piercings, and the attitudes to go along with it all.

It seems to me that the desire to be “cool” is all about man-pleasing, not God-pleasing. It’s about ourselves at the center instead of Christ. I’ve been there. I’ve had the struggle. I still do in more grown-up ways I’m sure.

I’m no relic, or dinosaur from years gone by. I have a tattoo for goodness sake. But I am serious about examining life and bringing every bit of it under the joyful LORDship of Christ.

How can we be liberated from all this temporary stuff for the sake of the eternal?

How can we live more fully alive for Christ instead of for the trappings of this world?

Your thoughts?


2 thoughts on ““Cool” can be poison

  1. I think you’re right, but I also agree with what you hinted at – that this idolatry and man-pleasing isn’t exactly restricted to the young concert-goers. And it happens through more ways than simply fashion. It’s a tough issue, but I think the correct approach is to 1) talk with kids that you have a relationship with where your opinion could impact them, 2) do everything you can not to judge, but 3) just talk with them about their decisions and see if together you can get to their inner heart on the issue.

    • Great points Loren! You’re right… it lingers longer than the teen years… I feel it in some way every day (if I take time to notice). To Love the LORD with all my heart, mind, soul, and strength… THAT is what I want!

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