Christian values can’t save anyone…

I usually put this type of thing in my BLOG CASSEROLE posts on Fridays. But this one is important enough (and relevant enough) for me to put in it’s own post.

Dr. Al Mohler just posted this article today… and it’s worth reading! Here is a quote:

Christian values are the problem. Hell will be filled with people who were avidly committed to Christian values. Christian values cannot save anyone and never will. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is not a Christian value, and a comfortability with Christian values can blind sinners to their need for the Gospel.

How do YOU think about the issue of Christian values?

Are there ways that you’ve wrongly depended on “Christian Values?”


2 thoughts on “Christian values can’t save anyone…

  1. Very good article. I have enjoyed reading Christian Smith on this subject. He asserts that the religion of so many of our young people even within the church today is what he calls “moralistic therapeutic deism” and not Christianity at all. It sounds very similar to what Mohler is calling Cultural Christianity. We do our children a grave disservice if we lead them t believe that Christianity is a set of moral precepts.

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