Yes… I did write (and draw) that…

Children's bookLong, long ago – in a land far, far away (Hawaii) – I wrote (drumroll)

A children’s book


I wrote it for my kids, and I don’t even remember what sparked the idea. I didn’t have any goal or purpose in mind for the “theme” of the book. I just wrote it. As you can tell, if you look it over, I was heavily influenced by Dr. Seuss, my childhood favorite. By the way, who DIDN’T like Dr. Seuss?

It’s called, “The Great Smizzmozzel Bash.” The original was bound in a 3-ring binder with the pages in sheet-protectors (we still have it at home). And all the illustrations were done using MS Paint (c) and a mouse.

Yes, it took a very, VERY long time.

Recently, for those same mysterious, unknown reasons as prompted me to write it in the first place – I got the urge to make it a bit more “professional” – so I set it up to be printed (paper-back). It’s now available… if you care to check it out – including a free ‘SNEAK PEAK” of the first part.


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