Was the United States EVER a Christian nation? We’d like to think so, but…

Christian nation

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Did you hear it? The can of worms just opened…

This topic of whether or not the United States of America was ever a Christian nation (or whether it was intended to be) has been:

  • Assumed
  • Discussed
  • Politicized
  • Debated
  • Argued, and
  • Re-written

by people of every stripe (Christian and non-Christian).

a christian nationThis last week I came across an interview on Dr. Albert Mohler’s podcast – Thinking In Public. If you’ve never listened to Dr. Mohler speak, teach, or conduct an interview, you don’t know he’s potentially one of the smartest people on the planet (my opinion, but I’m in good company). And you also don’t know that he’s passionately committed to Jesus Christ and truth… whatever it may be.

This particular episode was an interview with Dr. Gregg Frazer (scroll half way down the linked page). He is Professor of History and Political Studies at The Master’s College (affiliated with Dr. John MacArthur). Dr. Frazer has written a new book entitled, “The Religious Beliefs of America’s Founders: Reason, Revelation and Revolution.icon” In his book, Dr. Frazer uncovers the truth on this issue regarding the beliefs of the most influential founding fathers of the United States, and shows from their own writings what they truly believed.

I encourage you to listen to the interview… and to do so prayerfully, with a heart that seeks truth rather than some personal agenda.

Was the U.S. intended to be a Christian nation?

This question is not important because it is controversial. It is important because truth matters. What you and I believe impacts how we view the world and live in it. If we Americans are assuming things about our country that are not true, then we will act in ways that are out of place – and be representing AS true what is actually false.

LISTEN to the podcast… and enter the discussion below…

What did you think?


2 thoughts on “Was the United States EVER a Christian nation? We’d like to think so, but…

  1. Thanks for this link, Carey.
    I think a lot of people get hung up on the word “Christian.” Kinda like Frazer and Mohler talk about, the founding fathers may not have been totally orthodox Christians in every way, but their worldview was generally leaning towards a biblical worldview. It’s interesting to read about how much they quote scripture. They at least had a healthy respect of Judeo-Christian values and worldview, even if they didn’t prescribe to everything. And I think as far as a political body is concerned, that’s about all you need. We’re not talking about a theocracy here – we’re not looking for religious leaders. So I may not be able to claim them all as Christian brothers necessarily, but I can say with confidence that our political system was setup with a Christian value set in mind.

    • Hi Loren,

      What was most clarifying to me was Dr. Frazer’s comments about the founding fathers by and large being “Theistic rationalists” – which in his terms meant that they would trump theology with rationalism every time there seemed to be a conflict or difficulty. In my thinking, that rips the guts from Christianity, making it little more than a moral code. And I guess what you’re saying is true to that… the country was established on Christian values, morals, moral code – etc. But I wonder how beneficial that really is in the long run (maybe my question is being answered in our society even now). I don’t want or think we should have a theocracy either, but I don’t think what we have really works as it is. But it could be the best human beings can come up with!

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