Worshiping as you like… and as others like. How do you do that?

In wrapping up our sermon series yesterday (Life IS Worship… the final installment from yesterday will be posted on this blog in a day or two) I spoke a bit about the different “ways” we are encouraged to worship in the scriptures. I spoke about everything from singing to dancing (yes, dancing). But the message ended with a section relating to the tension we often feel between self-consciousness, others-consciousness, and consideration and awareness of the heart and needs of those around us when we are worshiping together. If you spend a bit of time thinking about those issues, it can be a very difficult issue to resolve in your own heart and mind.

Today I found an article entitled, “Oh, Behave! Conduct worthy of the Gospel in Corporate Worship.” It’s right along the lines of where I was trying to go yesterday with my application. It serves as a good summary of the issue, and great food for thought. I’d encourage you to take a few minutes to go over there and read it.


One thought on “Worshiping as you like… and as others like. How do you do that?

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