Have you checked out my podcast?

christian home and family podcast

The Christian Home and Family Podcast – an update

You may not know, but I have put together another site focusing on Christian home and family life – in fact, that’s the name of the site!

Part of what I’m doing over there is producing a podcast, that at this point comes out every-other Monday (next one is scheduled to come out on October 1, 2012). So far, here are the topics I’ve covered:

I have future episodes that I’m working on which include these topics:

  • Health Stewardship for the brain (an interview with Dr. Alfred N. Green… my big bubba!)
  • Christian families in a sexually saturated culture (an interview with Brad Hambrick)
  • Sharing the gospel with your children (an interview with Rev. Barney Kinard – AKA “The Kid Helper”)
  • and one other top-secret, not yet-arranged interview that is in the works (you can pray about this one to come through!)

So far there have been almost 1000 downloads of these 6 episodes, in 14 different countries, and 65 different cities around the globe! It has been very, very encouraging!

You can help!

It would truly be encouraging if you could do FOUR THINGS for me in relation to this podcast:

  • Suggest people for me to interview on the podcast. If you know them and I don’t, feel free to make the introduction. If you don’t know them, tell me why they’d be a great guest, show me how to find them, and I’m not shy about asking!
  • Subscribe to it. You can do that in a variety of ways, depending on your preferences… Itunes, zune, stitcher, miro player, or in your favorite mobile phone podcatcher – I’m using Pocket Casts and LOVING it!


Christian Home and Family subscribe on Stitcher! Miro Video Player

christian home and family podcast on itunes

  • And I’d love to hear from you… what do you think about the podcast? Suggestions? Critique? Encouragement (I can always use that)?

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