LORD, make me patient… NOW! Learn patience in the Christian life


Learn PatienceI think we all struggle to be patient. It’s especially hard in our microwave/instant/fast-food culture. If you don’t think you have a problem with patience, might I suggest you have a problem with self-awareness that is a bit more important?

Anyway, now that I’ve offended half my readers, I want to say this.

Patience is hard. Really hard. But I’m beginning to learn some things about it…

The LORD has shown me recently that patience is necessary because HIS timing is best, without fail. So… for me to be IN His will is for me to sometimes have to wait.

I don’t like that truth yet, but I feel I’m beginning to understand it a bit… I think.

What are your struggles when it comes to patience?


2 thoughts on “LORD, make me patient… NOW! Learn patience in the Christian life

  1. There are some things I’m quite patient about: waiting in line at the store, traffic, etc. I think it’s that my natural tendency is to get angry, and I’ve battled that so that now I’m calm in those instances. But I still struggle with patience in the larger things – such as God giving me success when I think I deserve it or direction when I think I’m entitled to it.

    • I think you are a good example of what most “more mature” Christians struggle with. We can get a handle on the small stuff, but still struggle to keep our hearts aligned with His in the “larger” issues. I’m learning that His will has to do with timing. Pondering that has increased my desire to be patient, though the implementation is still tricky at times.

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