Christmas drama script for churches – affordable & effective

Affordable Christmas script for church drama

Christmas drama for churchesA few years back our church was in need of a script for the annual Christmas play, and I couldn’t find many options that were:

  • Biblically accurate
  • Portrayed things in a way that exalted God’s sovereign design in Jesus’ birth
  • and were affordable.

So, I wrote my own Christmas drama for our church.

At first, I offered it for free, but have had to change to a modest cost.

So for $2.00 you can get a…

  • Biblically faithful Christmas script
  • that is fairly easy to produce
  • only has 2 or 3 separate scenes (helps with construction & props)
  • can use adults or kids
  • and focuses on glorifying God in His work at the incarnation

If you are interested, check out “Through Heaven’s Eyes” on my Drama Resource Page




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