2 of my books are now available on Kindle!

I’m very encouraged by what the LORD is doing with some of my writings. I have two books that are on the Kindle and are seeing some purchases already! Here’s the details:


The Great Smizzmozzel Bash - children's picture book

A rolicking, rhyming, adventure – in the spirit of Dr. Seuss!

The Great Smizzmozzel Bash is a retelling the origin of the Great Smizzmozzel Bash, held every year in the Jungles of Boon!

Find out how the mysterious Smizzmozzel saves the day, the jungle, and the elephant King! Fun for the whole family!



The Marriage Improvement Project

Marriage was created by God to be a wonderful blessing, to every married couple and to the watching world… but time,sin, and our culture can make keeping your marriage in good repair difficult at best.

In The Marriage Improvement Project (MIP), Pastor Carey Green draws on the word of God, his own marriage, and years of pastoral and marriage counseling to teach some of the foundational truths of how God intends marriage to be.

The MIP is designed for spouses to complete separately (separate copies are helpful), with team projects to work on periodically together. In the MIP, you’ll explore…

• Marriage First • The Cleaving Principle • The Unity Principle • Communication is Key • Attacking Anger • The Husband’s Role
• The Wife’s Role • The Principle of Sexual Sanity

Both of these would make great Christmas Presents!


3 thoughts on “2 of my books are now available on Kindle!

    • Hey Loren… from what I can tell, it looks best on the newer (color) Kindles. I don’t have a Kindle, but preview it through Amazon’s online viewer. There, it looks best on the color models to be sure.

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