New Life Is No Joke

new life

New life is for real… and it really matters!

I just finished up the first session of a 10-session video curriculum that I’m putting together. It’s got a workbook to go along with it, or you could use the workbook by itself.

Think Beth Moore.

Think “Experiencing God” by Henry Blackaby

It’s called, “New Life Is No Joke” – and it covers the wonderful biblical truths regarding our new life in Christ.

Here are the session titles:

  • SESSION 1: New Life Starts with Jesus (free, at the top of this page)
  • SESSION 2: What Happened to You – pt. 1
  • SESSION 3: What Happened to You – pt. 2
  • SESSION 4: Identity Crisis
  • SESSION 5: If I Have New Life, Why Do I Still Struggle So Much?
  • SESSION 6: Where Did You Get That Flesh?
  • SESSION 7: Breaking Mental and Emotional Bondage
  • SESSION 8: Putting It To Work In Real Life
  • SESSION 9: New Habits of A New Life
  • SESSION 10: When Life Is Hard

It’s a great study of the topic and truth of new life in Christ that can be used individually, or in small groups, Sunday schools, home church groups, etc.

The first session is online as a “sampler” – absolutely FREE!



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