Blog Casserole – 04/26/2013

Blog Casserole!

The best or worst or slightly interesting of the web over the last week (from my humble perspective)
  • Fear is a huge motivator to all of us. Whether we want to admit it or not. Here’s an article that discusses two types of fear – one good and one bad. Though it’s aimed specifically at women, I think it applies to us all.
  • The following video is speaking only about physical appearance as it relates to beauty. What I want you to consider as you watch it is this: Do you think TRUTHFULLY about yourself (not only in regards to your physical appearance)? Do you see who God has made you to be? Do you recognize, admit, and embrace the gifts and abilities He’s given you? Do you give Him glory through living out of the reality of who you are? I’d love to hear your comments on this video (below).

2 thoughts on “Blog Casserole – 04/26/2013

  1. Regarding Mr. Gosnell, there’s a hard thing to consider. It’s easy to lash out and shout about the injustice as Christians. But when I think about these things I realize that the media’s response, our response and all the responses in between are dictated by our world-view and presuppositions. If we just shout out our opinion about injustice, those without the same moral baseline (i.e. atheists, etc) will respond from their relative moral baseline. So, what to do? It seems that we must deal with the urgent; the murder of children, in any legal way possible – political involvement, phone calls, emails, etc. But on a broader scale, this is about bringing people to Christ. We will not change the moral fabric of the county without being salt and light. The reason so many horrible things like this happen is at least in part, a failure of God’s people to live in such a way that brings shame and guilt on sinful things. This would have been unimaginable 200…even 100 years ago because the morality of the country was too infused with a godly influence. But the enemy has consistently undermined Christians. Now, we live in a time when the bride argues about the morality of murdering children. This should not be…

    • Good points Don, as always. It does seem that action needs to follow outrage, or else the outrage is nothing more than a childish tantrum. It gets some slant-eyed looks, but doesn’t result in much. Thanks for the challenge there.

      And you’re right that this is in part because of how the culture has shifted, which IS in part a reflection of the nature of the church. Impotence may be too strong a word (my word, not yours) – but it sure feels that way sometimes. My prayer is for a powerful awakening of the Spirit in my heart first… and may it grow in others as well.

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