Blog Casserole – 05/03/2013

Blog Casserole!

The best or worst or slightly interesting of the web over the last week (from my humble perspective)
  • I want to begin today by saying Happy Birthday to my dear wife Mindi! We are apart at present (she’s been helping her folks move), but I’ll see her tomorrow!
  • There’s been a small bit of controversy lately surrounding an interview done by Gabby Reese, a heavy-duty pro volleyball player who in a recent interview was very outspoken about how learning about “submission” for her as a wife has saved her marriage. I found this summary of her comments very helpful.
  • Issues like abortion and same sex marriage are ones that we”one day long ago” never saw coming. Do you ever wonder what the issues are that are coming in our near future that we don’t see coming? This article is hitting one of them on the head. Read it. Carefully. Think about it. Consider how we might stem the tide now, before it hits us.

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