My life as of late has been a crazy mixture of stuff I never anticipated…

my life

In the last 6 months my life has become a weird mixture of stuff I never anticipated…

  • self employed (always liked the idea, but never thought it would happen)
  • NOT working in pastoral ministry (which I thought I’d be doing until Jesus returns)
  • engaged in all kinds of business activities (which never interested me before)
  • and about to become a grandpa (which I never imagined would be the case at 46 years of age).

But it’s amazing how changes like these can hit you out of the blue, and the LORD gives the grace to roll with it all. He’s kept me focused on Him throughout and actually eager to be engaged with Him in the process.

It’s been quite a ride.

My main life-lesson through it all has been this:

God is in control – so relax.

It’s amazing how little I’ve worried, felt stressed, or been in a place where I’m anxious about the future.

It’s all glory to Him really, and I’m a bit amazed by it (OK, a LOT amazed by it).

A cool thing to go along with it is that my wife has been in the same place too!

Thank You LORD, for Your faithfulness and presence.




7 thoughts on “My life as of late has been a crazy mixture of stuff I never anticipated…

    • Hi Dean…

      Yeah, glad to elaborate: the first three really kind of meld together. After 20+ years of pastoral ministry my calling has been removed. Seriously. I never thought that would/could happen but my heart simply wasn’t in it anymore and the LORD was giving further direction into another less-pastoral area of ministry ( So, as a result I’ve had to figure out how a guy trained only for church ministry is going to make a living for his family. That’s where various business endeavors came on the radar and an entrepreneureal bent has come alive. I’m working on some internet business ideas as well as learning mortgage loan originating. It’s been a crazy ride. Thanks for your interest!

  1. I can say the same about my life in a way, although I can’t really say I ever thought I had it figured out to begin with. You should blog about your business ventures – I’d be fascinated to see what you’re doing!

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