Blog Casserole – 06/28/2013

Blog Casserole!

The best or worst or slightly interesting of the web over the last week (from my humble perspective)
  • Why does it seem (or is it only me) that when cultural shifts or radical departures from the norm happen, CHRISTIANS ARE THE FIRST TO PANIC AND THE LOUDEST IN DOING IT? It’s always bugged me. We are people of faith in the everlasting, all-powerful, Creator of all that is. We should be the least panicked of anyone. Mark Dever agrees.
  • Here is a brand new and totally free E-book from John Piper about the influence C.S. Lewis has had on his life. Enjoy!
  • There have been many Bible translations over the years. Some helpful, some not so much. One of my favorites is the “Da Jesus Book” which I learned about while pastoring in Hawaii (which I’d put on the “helpful” side of the scale). It was only a matter of time until this happened… now I present to you, “The TEXAS Bible.”
  • If you’ve ever been totally confused by all those multi-syllabic coffee drinks at your local coffee shop. Below is a chart I found at this site that can help you out. Really (click on it for a larger version).

coffee drink chart


5 thoughts on “Blog Casserole – 06/28/2013

  1. Carey,

    You said, “We are people of faith in the everlasting, all-powerful, Creator of all that is.”

    Are we? Really? I wish I could honestly say that I am.

    • Hi Geno… I assume your comment comes as a result of your own feeling of not being as “faithful” as you’d like. I think as those who are recipients of God’s grace through Christ we are to take on the mindset OF Christ… we are more than conquerors (through Him who loved us). I try not to focus much on my failings… just long enough to confess them and properly repent. Martin Luther taught me that when he said, “Guilt’s role is to lead us to the cross. Once we are there its job is done.” So, through Christ, YES you are a man of faith in the everlasting, all-powerful, Creator of all that is.

      • I’m really not talking about being as faithful as I’d like. It’s more about apathy, self-centeredness and other stuff like that.

        You do make some good points though.

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