Rethinking church #8 – Difficulties needing solutions

difficulties needing solutions rethinking church

I’m the first to admit that doing church in a smaller, more intentional way brings with it a handful of very difficult problems. Some of the ones that I can think of are..

  • How large of a group is too big to foster genuine community?
  • When the church gets too big, what happens then? Split the group? Just let it grow?
  • What about the kids? If they are allowed to be a part of the group every meeting then some adults may not share freely. If they are not allowed to be in the group then they may not be included in the life of the church.
  • How much structure/order is beneficial? How much is too much?
  • Where does prayerful planning come in? Where should the Spirit be the only direction?
  • Are sermons forever gone for the sake of participation/discussion? Or is there a place for a “normal” type of teaching/sermon?
  • At what point do our efforts at being less traditional become traditional (because it’s what we traditionally do after a while)?
  • What role DO the leaders play?
  • How does the group remain grounded in the truth (translation: none of us wants to become a cultic type group of wierdos)?

I’d love to hear your suggestions and ideas…


4 thoughts on “Rethinking church #8 – Difficulties needing solutions

  1. I think a good model is to utilizing small groups within the church to achieve that community. I think that helps you maintain that small and intimate feeling while still allowing the church to grow.

    • I know what you’re saying Loren, but in my experience 1 out of 10 small groups actually becomes close and connecting as the scriptures describe. I don’t know that a home-church would be any better, but it seems a better attempt in my thinking.

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