Rebooting this blog

rebootIt’s time to reboot this blog…

The first post I wrote on this blog is dated 07/24/2007. I actually posted 5 times that day (What was I thinking?). That last one even hit on some themes I’ve been writing about recently. Here I am, almost 6 years and 643 posts later, re-thinking this blog.

I’ve been considering a reboot ever since I left the pastorate. I’m just in a different place in life now, so my mind and heart are bouncing off of different things… and I’m contemplating and processing things I’ve never considered before as a result. But in the end, the name of the blog still echoes what is in my heart for it: I want this to be a journal of someone who is striving to be a passionate follower of Christ.

But since I am in a different place in life, a reboot still feels in order. I’m finding myself wanting to write about new and different things than I ever have before (business, for instance… and how it relates to being a passionate follower of Christ). So… here are what I see as my overview topics from this point forward:

  • Business, making money, and entrepreneurship – from a crazy-for-Christ perspective.
  • Writing… I’m working on a novel right now and have already done some non-fiction works. I’m learning a lot and will probably want to share it here.
  • Spiritual life and vitality on a personal level (you and me) and corporate (us) level.
  • Cultural trends and popular mindsets and how they impact discipleship.
  • The paths the LORD is walking me down personally… kind of like a journal :).
  • And I’ll continue to do my weekly blog casserole… it’s just plain old fun to do!

If nothing else, this reboot will probably help me look at my writing here from a fresh perspective… and I can use that for sure.

What sort of suggestions do YOU have for this blog?


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