Is it O.K. to be angry at God?

angry at God

In a word…


Here’s why:

The only reasons I can think of that we humans get angry are…

  1. when something wrong occurs (we call this righteous indignation)
  2. when we believe something is not fair
  3. when we are hurt
  4. when we are frustrated or disappointed

Now let’s put God in the middle of each of those types of situations:

1. Can we LEGITIMATELY have righteous indignation toward God?

Only if we are more righteous than He is… which is impossible. To be angry with God because we think He did something wrong is like a cockroach telling a human being how to carry out his life. Silly, I know – but that’s what it is to fault God in any way.

2. Can we LEGITIMATELY be angry with God because we think He’s not being fair?

Only if we know how to distribute equity in the situation better than He does… which is also impossible. God knows every nuance and in and out of every circumstance. In fact, He is the one who has orchestrated it to be what it is. Sure, sinful people get into the mix and bring things about, but do you think God didn’t see that coming? Do you think they acted entirely independent of His oversight? Nope. He’s in total control. To think that God is unfair is to think that the sky is green, not blue.

3. Can we LEGITIMATELY be angry at God because we’ve been hurt?

Only if He has promised us that life will be filled with pleasure and not pain. But He’s never promised that. In fact, He’s often warned us that the life of a Christ-follower is filled with an additional kind of pain that comes from being faithful to Him (John 16:33). Us being hurt is not the real issue we should be concerned about. What God is doing THROUGH our hurt is. We’d be willing to endure any amount of pain for the benefit of those closest to us (spouse, children, etc.). Why don’t we expect the same sort of things will be required if we truly love God?

4. Can we LEGITIMATELY be angry with God because of a frustrating or disappointing situation?

Frustration reveals that we are not getting the results that we are wanting because something is getting in the way. THAT reveals a problem in our thinking. God’s will in every matter is what matters, not ours (Matthew 6:33). To become angry at God because things are not going OUR way is equal to telling your employer that you are angry with them because they did not put into places the policies that YOU thought were best. It’s outside your jurisdiction, you don’t get a say in such things. So drop your anger. d He’s working those things for our good. Can you accomplish that?

The operative word in all of these scenarios is “LEGITIMATELY.” We cannot legitimately be angry at God.

That doesn’t mean we don’t or won’t become angry at Him… but it does mean that we’re doing so without reason or cause. Which is sin.

Why is it not O.K. to be angry at God?

He is King.

He is Sovereign.

He is LORD.

He is the Ruler of our lives.

He has created us for His good purposes (not ours).

We, like Jesus, are to pray for His will to be done in our lives and to willingly (and joyfully) submit our lives to it.

There is joy there. There is peace there. There is comfort there. There is confidence there. There is intimacy with Him there.

Anger at God has no place in a life of submission to Him.


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