Blog Casserole – 07/26/2013

Blog Casserole!

The best or worst or slightly interesting of the web over the last week (from my humble perspective)
  • 14 free ebooks from Desiring God. If God used John Piper to write it, it’s worth reading.
  • In the many years of counseling I’ve done as a Pastor I’ve continually struggled to adequately understand addiction. In most recent years I’ve come to the conclusion of this authoraddiction is worship gone wrong.
  • This is a fairly lengthy synopsis of a book I read a few years back, “How to Read a Book” by Mortimer Adler. My original reading of the book was very helpful to my study life… and this refresher (think of it like cliff notes) has done a good deal to help me rebuild some neglected reading skills.
  • Here is an absolutely free E-book from Covenant Eyes addressing the topic of breaking free from sexual addictions.

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