Blog Casserole – 09/06/2013

Blog Casserole!

The best or worst or slightly interesting of the web over the last week (from my humble perspective)
  • Do you like discipline? The author of this article says that mature people learn to love it. Here’s a taste of what he says, “Parents who don’t discipline their children are emotionally and spiritually abusing their children, and are setting them on a path of self-destruction. Pastors who don’t discipline their people by preaching the unvarnished Word of God in season and out of season are not good shepherds but masked thieves. Churches that do not consistently practice church discipline are not churches at all. And if we do not receive the discipline of God, it means we are not his children and that He is not our Father.”
  • The world can be a dark and painful place, even for Christians… and the Bible is not shy to admit that fact. But it holds out something greater than temporary relief or “Don’t worry, be happy” – it holds out true, eternal hope.
  • Finally, here’s a great video from the standpoint of what is known as the “Cosmological Argument for the Existence of God.” Very well done.

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