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online business

I am also engaged in multiple on-line enterprises covering a wide range of topics. I’m a pretty eclectic guy in a lot of ways. Here’s the brief run-down of what I’m connected with right now (I’ll try to update as things change).

CHRISTIAN HOME AND – “Helping you make Christ the center of your home so that you can build a legacy of faith in your family for generations to come.” Next to Christ and my family, this is what matters most to me. I do a weekly podcast there you can subscribe to if you are so inclined.

CAREY GREEN, LOAN – I write mortgage loans in the state of Colorado… and you could help me feed my family by connecting with me to do your Colorado mortgage, refinance, reverse mortgage, etc. I never thought I’d enjoy this type of work, but it’s actually a lot of fun helping people with significant money issues.

PASS THE SAFE – In becoming a mortgage loan originator, I had to take a nationwide test often referred to as the “safe exam.” It’s a tough test, and I discovered that though you have to take a 20-hour course on the rules and regulations, studying for the test is not all that easy or intuitive. So, I decided to put my teaching gifts to work and created a course to help others know HOW to study for the test. It’s a “Pay what you want” business model, and it’s working tolerably well so far. You should check it out at least.

FREE AUDACITY – I teach folks how to use the free audio editing program “Audacity.” Video tutorials, for free, forever. I also do some graphic design and podcast consulting there too.

HOUSE FLIP INCOME – (website to be announced) – This is a project I’m working on with a Realtor buddy who has done a ton of fix and flip projects (real estate). We’re going to be producing a website to teach other people how to do these projects honestly, the right way. It’s hard work, but very lucrative for those who are willing to learn the system.

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