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(From the back cover)
Identifying and equipping men for the role of church Elder is not an easy task…

The role of Elder is perhaps one of the most important roles in the world, since the church is both the body and bride of Jesus.  That means church leaders need more than surface opinions about the men who might possibly fit the role of Elder.  They need a way to evaluate and train those candidates.  This handbook is designed to help church leaders do just that, in a wise, careful, and thoroughly Biblical way.  Some contexts where this handbook may be helpful:

  • When an existing Elder team needs to bring others onto their team
  • When a Pastor needs to establish an Elder team from scratch
  • When an Elder team needs a “refresher” about their role, or would like additional training regarding the Biblical
    mandate for Elders
  • As a discipleship curriculum for men, where the role of Elder is held up as a “model” for how they can lead their families with the heart of a shepherd

This handbook is not offered as a magic formula or fool-proof method for finding or equipping men for the role of Elder.  No such thing exists.  Scripture clearly teaches that men are only appointed to the role of Elder by the determination of the Holy Spirit (Acts 20:28).  Instead, this handbook is designed to serve as a tool in that Spirit-led process. It is an aid in discerning the will of the Spirit, first through assessment of the man being considered, and secondly through training for those who appear to be called to serve as Elders.  With over 260 study questions, a variety of self-assessment tools, scripture memorization, and “quizzes” to test the candidate’s understanding and application of the concepts included, The Elder Training Handbook is a serious-minded tool for discovering, encouraging, and equipping men to shepherd, protect, and lead the New Testament church.

S.H.A.P.E. Profile

Most people in church ministry have at least heard of Rick Warren’s “Shape Profile.”  He gives full permission for churches to use it for the kingdom and modify it to fit their theology.

It’s in .pdf format. – To get a free PDF reader go here.


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