Drama Resources


THROUGH HEAVEN’S EYES – a Christmas Play… (as of 10/8/13 -1500 downloads!)

  • This is a “Pay what you want” resource, starting at as little as $2. Your generosity is appreciated.
  • You can find out about the play, by downloading the free “Synopsis & Cast List” below.
  • When you are ready to purchase, use the button. Once your purchase is complete you will be allowed to download the script.

“Through Heaven’s Eyes” – Synopsis & Cast List – FREE DOWNLOAD


Sermon Illustrations/Intros

“The Narrow Door” – Script

Description: (a “living parable” of the wide and narrow doors from the Gospel of Luke, chapter 13)

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9 thoughts on “Drama Resources

  1. Your script is beautiful, you have done a wonderful job. It will be presented this December 2011 at our church Nuevas Alturas. I will just have to translate it to Spanish, Thank you.

  2. We are considering a Christmas play at our church. How would you feel about us using Through Heaven’s Eyes as a basis for a derivative work. We would of course give your work credit in a way such as “based on Through Heaven’s Eyes by Carey Green.” We like your concept of the nativity through the eyes of the angels.

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