Growth Resources


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Marriage was created by God to be a wonderful blessing, to every married couple and to the watching world… but time, sin, and our culture can make keeping your marriage in good repair difficult at best. In The Marriage Improvement Project (MIP), Pastor Carey Green draws on the word of God, his own marriage, and years of pastoral and marriage counseling to teach some of the foundational truths of how God intends marriage to be. The MIP is designed for spouses to complete separately (separate copies are helpful), with team projects to work on periodically together.

In the MIP, you’ll explore…

  • Marriage First
  • The Cleaving Principle
  • The Unity Principle
  • Communication is Key
  • Attacking Anger
  • The Wife’s Role
  • The Husband’s Role
  • The Principle of Sexual Sanity


19 lessons of basic discipleship materials focused on developing knowledge AND relationship with God.  They were originally created specifically for the church where I was serving at that time – so there will be references to our particular church, logos of our church, etc.  Just ignore them and the material still works just fine.  All are in .pdf format.  If you don’t have the FREE Adobe reader to read them, you can get it here!

Table of Contents
Lesson 1
– Beginning Steps Toward God
Lesson 2
– Beginning to Hear God Speak Through His Word
Lesson 3
– Beginning to Speak to God Through Prayer
Lesson 4
– Beginning to Enjoy the Family
Lesson 5
– Beginning to Obey God
Lesson 6
– Beginning to Tell Others About Jesus
Lesson 7
– The Help of Offering Yourself to God
Lesson 8
– The Help of Knowing Who You Are
Lesson 9
– The Help of God the Father
Lesson 10
– The Help of the Holy Spirit
Lesson 11
– The Help of the Church
Lesson 12
– The Help Others Need From You
Lesson 13
– Dealing With Sin
Lesson 14
– Dealing With Trials and Suffering
Lesson 15
– Dealing With Your Enemy, Satan
Lesson 16
– Learning How To Worship
Lesson 17
– Learning to Live by Grace
Lesson 18
– Learning to Manage God’s Blessings
Lesson 19
– Learning to Persevere in Your Journey Toward God

S.H.A.P.E. Profile

Most people in church ministry have at least heard of Rick Warren’s “Shape Profile.”  He gives full permission for churches to use it for the kingdom and modify it to fit their theology.

It’s in .pdf format. – To get a free PDF reader go here.


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