Blog Casserole – 11/08/2013

Blog Casserole!

The best or worst or slightly interesting of the web over the last week (from my humble perspective)
  • This is an amazing gallery of forgotten places posted by guys who intentionally trespass to capture photos of where we’ve been and to document some of what we’ve lost (or wasted). I’m curious what you think of the moral implications of what they are doing?
  • Every now and again I have to post this one… as a counselor it just makes me laugh (and wish it were this simple… or wonder if maybe it is).

One thought on “Blog Casserole – 11/08/2013

  1. We HOWLED over the Bob Newhart! HOWLED. We spent a great deal of very productive time in Christian counseling, but perhaps would have spent less if our counselor had said, well, you know.

    Forgotten places – IDK I think in a way that it is good to photograph these behemoth buildings if for no other reason than to remind us a la Isaiah 40 that the grass withers, the flower fades…

    I’m too old for the second glance thing. As far as meditation – I liked the basic instructions and then this gem: “We will frequently fail in meditation.”

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